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The Big Kahunas
Toronto Ultimate Club  (TUC)     Brampton Ultimate Cub  
Toronto Central Sport & Social Club   (TCSSC)   Hamilton Ultimate Club  
Guelph Ultimate
Ontario Association
North Bay Ultimate Player's Association
Ontario Disc Sports Association (ODSA)
Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association  (OCUA)
Peterborough Ultimate League (PUL)  
Waterloo Organisation of Disc Sport   (WODS)  
Eastern Canada
Western Canada
  Association De Ultimate De Montreal     B.C. Disc Sports Society (BCDSS)
  Fredericton Ultimate     Vancouver Ultimate League
  Saint John Ultimate     Victoria Ultimate Players Society
  Halifax Ultimate Recreational League     Edmonton Ultimate Players Association
  Mile Zero Ultimate (Newfoundland and Labrador)    

Calgary Ultimate Association

          Regina Ultimate Flying Disc Club
    Saskatoon Ultimate Disc Sport Society
Manitoba Organization of Disc Sport
The Canadian Ultimate
The Cultimate Opinion
Parinella's Blog
Ultimate Frisbee Strategy / Coaching
United States
Canadian Ultimate Players Association  (CUPA)
Ultimate Players Association  (UPA)
The World
  World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF)     Chasing Plastic
  2006 World Ultimate Club Championships     The Ultimate Handbook
          Ultimate in 10 Rules
          Ultimate Canada Magazine