The Big Kahunas

2009 NEWS

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The savage Kahunas had a great time at our 16th Goosebowl the October 31 - November 1 weekend.

2 Kahuna women, 4 Kahuna guys and 2 others made the trip to Kingston.

Howling winds, pelting rain, standing ground water and mud.  Great fun!

Numerically challenged, we finished 1 - 3 for the weekend.

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The 2009 Kahuna Classic was played in driving rain, wind and darkness at
Rosehill D.G. & C.C. on Friday, October 23rd.

Matt Rothwell and Dave Sheffield were tied with the best overall score with Dustin Demille 1 behind.
The ladies champion was Annabelle Leung followed closely by Kathie Zeman.

Thank you to Kathie Zeman, our convenor.
The Classic ended at the Twisted Skirt and The Big Kahunas' 2009 summer tour was concluded


The Kahunas had a great time at our 3rd Harvest Tournament September 19-20.

We finished 6th overall with 3 wins and 4 losses.

Thank you t.d. Marj McDonald.  

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In our 13th year at Gender Blender at Fergus June 5 to 7, the Kahunas returned to the top 8.

With 4 wins, 2 losses and 1 game defaulted to us, we finished 7th of 45 teams.

Our mayor Jamie Dempster headed up Kahunaville which rocked as always with margueritas and tequila.

  Dustin’s fresh corn on the cob was very popular late at night.

Thank you t.d. "Blue" McClellan.


Our Spring League team went undefeated at BMO Field.